All About Terracloud

Terracloud Technologies has one core aim which runs through everything we do.

Our aim is to provide the most professional and friendly service that we can. We all know how frustrating it is when the computer doesn’t work or the email goes down, so our goal is to ensure that we not only fix the problem as efficiently as possible but that we also understand it in the context of things.

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Keeping You Protected

Cyber Security Implementation & Management

A computer network assessment will help you begin a cybersecurity plan to mitigate the largest risks to your business.

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IT Asset Management

So many businesses have IT systems that have grown as the business has grown. We help you manage and protect that asset.

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Cybersecurity & Backup Solutions

We offer a wide range of cybersecurity and backup solutions to keep your business running smooth without interruption.

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IT & Cybersecurity Consultancy

We advise businesses on managing their IT assets, as well as deal with growing cybersecurity concerns.

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Terracloud helps to keep you backed up & prepared.

Disaster Recovery

We are focused on business continuity and disaster recovery. We have seen on too many occasions that most businesses fail to take this seriously enough until the disaster happens.

Managed Backups and Monitoring

In the vast majority of clients that we see they have a backup system in place that was setup when the server was installed and has never been checked since. Everyone is ‘hoping’ that it will work when there is a problem or disaster but at Terracloud Technologies, hope is just not good enough.

Email Archiving & Data Retention Solutions

Email archiving and data retention is a hot topic for professional organisations. As more and more information is moved around electronically there is a greater requirement as well as specific legal requirements for firms to manage this data.

Terracloud also specialises in…

Network Audits

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Installation & Co-location

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Office Relocation

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Reviews & Compliance

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Terracloud helps to keep you safe & compliant.