Our IT Services

Cyber Security Implementation and Management

A computer network assessment will help you begin a cybersecurity plan to mitigate the largest risks to your business.

Most experts recommend that businesses start by having a strategic approach to cybersecurity. This strategic approach should include plans to secure existing systems and keep your business secure going forward.

A comprehensive cybersecurity plan needs to focus on three key areas:

  • Prevention: Solutions, policies and procedures need to be identified to reduce the risk of attacks.
  • Resolution: In the event of a computer security breach, plans and procedures need to be in place to determine the resources that will be used to remedy a threat.
  • Restitution: Companies need to be prepared to address the repercussions of a security threat with their employees and customers to ensure that any loss of trust or business is minimal and short-lived.

IT Support Contracts

We find that for IT support, one size does not fit all. We listen very carefully to our client’s requirements and have made our pricing very fair and simple to understand.

We also make it very clear from the outset what you can expect from us.

For any professional sector business, using efficient managed systems for productivity and efficiency, a stable high speed network for communication and a reliable IT company for support, are all essential backbone elements for running a successful company.

It is also extremely important in this economic climate to set yourself above the competition and through using internal tools that improve company processes and from having a competent IT support company to keep your network at its peak performance, will enable you to increase your productivity and profitability.

We offer the full range of IT Support Services that you would expect from a professional IT support provider.

We are able to offer the following types of agreements:

  • Monthly Support Agreements
  • Block Hour Contracts
  • Time and Materials (COD)

We are a professional, experienced and qualified IT business that takes what we do very seriously. If you need reliable, competent and extremely helpful people making sure that you can concentrate on your business then we would love to talk to you.

Windows Support

Computers are meant to help us, right? Then why does it feel that you spend so much of your time trying to get things done where the computer is so slow.

Sometimes they are so much of a headache because something just isn’t working and you just need it fixed as it starts to interrupt your work production. More often than not there is a good reason as to why systems run slow and there is usually a bottleneck somewhere either locally on your computer, or on the network.

It could have come about from some new software being installed, a malicious virus, new hardware being added to the network, or just the actual computer isn’t performing properly.

A lot of IT companies will look only at the single computer which may speed things up a little but ultimately is a plaster over the underlying problem.

The senior technicians at Terracloud Technologies are trained to look at your entire system as a whole as well as individual workstations.

Bad configurations or a network that has grown organically are the main suspects. There are also occasions when old equipment simply isn’t up to the job and computers need to be cleaned up or replaced. When know what to advise and when to ensure your business can actually use your computers and IT network for work, rather than having them act as a hindrance to it.

Internet and Connectivity

There is simply nothing more frustrating than when your internet goes down. Emails stop and if you use any type of hosted system you simply cannot work until it is back up.

If you have remote users, they are also unable to login to their computers or your systems and generally your business grinds to a standstill whilst you wait for the internet to come back up.

We have all had those annoying phone conversations with the outsourced support helpdesk of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) asking us if we have rebooted the router. You wouldn’t be phoning them if that solved the problem!

The fact is that more and more of your business functions are reliant on a good quality high speed internet connection, but ironically it is the one part of the business IT that is not taken very seriously.

This point is especially true if you are reliant on a fast internet connection for offsite backup, remote users to work efficiently over VPN or Terminal Server, as well as for VOIP Telephony to make and receive calls.

At Terracloud Technologies we can go through with you some simple options that helps us understand how you work, recommend an internet and connectivity solution that will work for you, and ultimately give you peace of mind to enable you and your staff to work quickly and productively.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We are focused on business continuity and disaster recovery. We have seen on too many occasions that most businesses fail to take this seriously enough until the disaster happens.

When a disaster does happen it is extremely stressful for all parties involved. Your staff have nothing to do and your clients start to get impatient.

If your business doesn’t have a solid disaster recovery plan to ensure your business can continue to work, or you don’t have the confidence to know how that plan is going to be implemented, then we suggest that you need a bit of help to put all of this in place to rationalise your business continuity strategy.

It could be that simply having data backed up locally, offsite or in the cloud is the priority, yet for others having the business being able to continue to trade without experiencing any down time is most important.

Often in some cases, it is an external or internal legal and compliance factor that is forcing the issue of exposing and highlighting your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy.

Whatever the driver, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity covers many different options and solutions. We are here to look at what you have, how it is used, what the goal is and then to make recommendations based on your priorities.

Another great reason for using Terracloud Technologies is that we are local. Whilst other IT companies may have bigger support teams and bigger infrastructure, the chances are that they are not down the road from you. When something goes wrong you want someone to deal with it quickly and professionally.

It is also important that you can build a relationship with that company as well and that is hard if they can’t pop in from time to time or that they are too busy managing their company instead of their clients.

So why us? We give you that “local” trustworthy service backed with professional experience, knowledge and advice.

Network Audits

Audits can usually be translated into ‘sales tool’. This may not be the intention for many suppliers but there is no denying that the process is used more to push a product than to really review the system.

At Terracloud Technologies we genuinely use the Audit as a test bed against industry best practises and recognised procedures. If you have a support agreement with us, then we will do an audit as part of the initial due diligence with our clients.

We like all of our sites to conform to best standards as ultimately it enables us to support you better and usually results in a more stable system.

We follow the process “circle” in order to maximise on the information captured at the audit stage, so that we can provide you and our team with the necessary documentation to support you and understand your site.

If you do not have a support agreement with us but need to have a network health check, then we can tailor this to your specific requirements or areas of concern.

We are able to perform full disaster recovery and business continuity audits, asset management audits, archiving compliance audits, data leakage and security audits, as well as full system, sites and network audits.

Each of these use our simple traffic light system which highlights and recommends areas which may need addressing. We don’t try to sell you anything, simply make best practice recommendations based on our experience. If we do feel a number of matters need to be addressed urgently then we can help you decide how to prioritise them.

IT Asset Management

So many businesses have IT systems that have grown as the business has grown.

That is fine, but when it comes to understanding your own systems, or having a third party support them, you need to understand what you have.

This exercise in itself will often reveal issues in the way the system is put together and may also reveal security or business continuity issues that you may be unaware of or that have been overlooked by your existing supplier.

For example, who last checked that the backups actually did work or whether that second internet line will actually kick in when the main one goes down?

Maybe you assume that your IT provider has all your passwords, but have you ever asked for a definitive list?

We complete an in depth audit of your IT systems, software and connected services and give you a comprehensive picture of what you have and don’t have.

The audit can be a self-contained project, but more often it is part of a larger audit which reviews your business continuity, disaster recovery and gives overall recommendations based on your IT strategy, which we can also you help with.

IT System Reviews and Recommendations

It is one thing knowing what you have, but it is another understanding whether what you have is right for the job in hand.

Many companies will give you an ‘asset list’ or an audit of your equipment, but we think that in isolation, this is not particularly useful.

At Terracloud Technologies we think that the starting point is before we even look at the equipment that you have, we have to understand, in detail, what your business is hoping to achieve, where the problems are, and what the mid to long term aims are.

By understanding the plans and the existing problems and pressures we can look at what you have and make recommendations with the end in mind.

Anyone who does not do this is missing the point.

At the end of the system review we will present and go through with you our multi-part review document which works on a very simple traffic light system, in line with best practices.

By doing this we can easily show you what is critical to change now, what should be changed, and items that would be nice to change.

Managed Backups and Monitoring

Are you worried that your backups aren’t actually working?

Or maybe you are worried that the backups are completing successfully, but are either too nervous to actually see if you can restore anything from them, or you are not sure how? You are not alone!

In the vast majority of clients that we see they have a backup system in place that was setup when the server was installed and has never been checked since. Everyone is ‘hoping’ that it will work when there is a problem or disaster but at Terracloud Technologies, hope is just not good enough.

Time and time again we have come across failed backups, missed files (the important ones of course) and unsupported tape drives and it simply is not acceptable when a business is reliant on these for disaster recovery, business continuity and data loss prevention.

At Terracloud Technologies we have a proven backup methodology as well as different types of backup solutions which have saved clients from potential loss of business, from system downtime or deletion of data. Whether local or hosted backup technologies, we recommend the right backup solutions to work for your business and your recovery time and data objectives.

Email Archiving

Email archiving and data retention is a hot topic for professional organisations.

As more and more information is moved around electronically there is a greater requirement as well as specific legal requirements for firms to manage this data.

For a long time, businesses have relied on Outlook’s archiving function to save the emails to local file. This backup file is often lost or forgotten about when a replacement computer is put in place so this is not an ideal solution. Outlook Archiving is also configured individually for each user which can be a management nightmare if you have more than two staff members.

There are now a number of services which will enable you to have all your incoming and outgoing email archived automatically and kept for differing lengths of time, depending on how your specific compliance works.

These same services can also enable you to use the system as a backup email system should your primary one goes down.

IT Consultancy

For any business, employing skilled people to help drive your company processes and development forward is a costly resource.

However, without the knowledge and experience from these individuals, companies run the risk of becoming stationary, stagnant and in potential jeopardy of complacency.

Knowing your competition is also an extremely important part of running a successful business and this also means ensuring that internal systems and processes are at their peak performance for productivity and profitability.

At Terracloud Technologies we have had many years of IT Management and IT Systems Development in multi-sector industries. We specialise in improving the productivity of internal and external hosted systems to assist you in maintaining your targets and hold on your market.

We have relationships with some of the top global software packages and hosting partners for increasing productivity and we work with you to introduce and build these systems to improve internal work-flows and departmental management.

Consultancy really means getting in an expert who can oversea a project, look at the bigger picture from a strategic point of view and then pull from their wealth of experience to make recommendations as appropriate, as well as help implement the right solutions.

We believe that great, impartial and professional advice should be available to everyone, in particular to the SME market and we are proud to be able to offer big business technology to small and medium businesses.

With this in mind, we offer our IT Consultancy on a per project basis and also at a strategic board/management level capacity on a regular basis, so that you are able to get the right advice from the most qualified resources.

Installation and Colocation

We can work with modern serviced offices, office-let space, new build commercial premises, as well as listed buildings.

We offer a full range of installation services from a single workstation to a multi-server and comms-room environment.

We are able to advise, source and supply computers, servers and network infrastructure from a range of suppliers.

As part of our installation services, we can also arrange for and maintain structured data cabling, high speed internet lines, as well as full coverage wireless networks to be installed across any size of building.

As well as multi office based infrastructure, we also install servers and network equipment in datacentres so that companies can benefit from offsite colocation of systems, for remote staff availability, public access or for disaster recovery planning to facilitate a business continuity strategy.

Our Project Team can design and implement any criteria to suit you and your overall objective, and we work with you from project start to finish.

Every network is scalable and our team are also highly trained to communicate with existing builders and contractors so if your office is still being built, developed or relocating, we can work with all third parties to ensure a smooth completion of your network.

Office Relocations

Moving office is just like moving house…stressful!

However, with a business there are so many factors to consider when moving from one location to another.

Some factors to think about are:

  • Are the phone and internet lines going to be ready?
  • Is there network cabling?
  • Will the servers fit and work?
  • Are there sufficient electrical sockets?
  • What about wireless?
  • What happens if our emails are down?
  • Will we have internet access?

All very important elements to consider and to be honest, all of them are needed in order for your business to continue to work on office move day.

We can help take the stress away from you as we handle all of the IT parts of your office relocation. We can even draw up an office move project plan as well for the IT elements for you to use.

We have handled a number of different office moves covering a small, medium and large staff and infrastructure base for a multitude of industries. Our team are also available to work evenings and weekends during an office move as we know how critical it is. Trust us, we’ve done it on numerous occasions!

Our Management Team can also advise you on the best companies for you to use for your IT services (some of who we work with daily as partners) to ensure your critical IT utilities are ready in the new office prior to the move.

During any office move we ensure that at the end your systems are online, your staff can work and your business can continue to trade.

Security Reviews and Compliance

Criminals continually find new ways to exploit business networks and steal sensitive data.

Our security and compliance reviews lets us identify external business network weaknesses and validate compliance with regulatory standards through vulnerability scanning.

If your network is left unprotected, thousands of potential entry points on a business network are available for criminals. As new ways to access these entry points are invented daily, checking your external business network for vulnerabilities is crucial at regular intervals.

As part of our audit review and recommendations, one of the tasks that we perform is an external vulnerability scan. This is to identify if there any security holes in the network that exposes the company to an external threat. It also identifies if a company is compliant to Data Security Standards, notable PCI DSS compliancy and if not, we help bring them in line with them, plugging those holes to ensure maximum protection and “ring-fencing” from external threats.

Another significant security issue that a lot of companies do not know much about is Data Leakage and many do not even realise the huge impact it has on their business and their clients.

The way employees use company data, document storage, web browsing and email is quite unsecure and largely uncontrollable when you think about what they are doing with it.

For example,

Scenario 1: A member of staff wants to innocently work on a piece of company information at home, so they email documents and confidential client details to their personal email account.

Scenario 2: Perhaps they have their own version of cloud storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive) installed on their workstations, enabling them to copy documents to their own personal online briefcase to again, look at out of the office.

Scenario 3: Maybe it’s using USB Flash Drives or CD/DVDs to copy or burn confidential company information onto these mediums in order to work-from home, or simply as a method of backup and portability. Again largely unsafe when you read about unprotected (unencrypted) data going missing on the transport networks.

Scenario 4: Your staff using their web browsers are able to access “send it” websites or their own personal email where they can upload and send documents and confidential data to any external email account.

Occasionally employees also use company data for personal gain especially when moving jobs, which is a major threat when you are competing with similar service companies.

The main problem is, as soon as any of the scenarios above occur, your confidential, company and client information has already leaked out of your network and is completely out of your control in regards to how your data will be used.

More worryingly, you are not even aware when these instances happen (and from recent client audits they happen frequently). Not-to-mention the legalities and professional body intervention if client information is leaked externally.

Every company is at risk of data and security issues, and the requisite prevention and protection solutions should be setup to ensure that your intellectual property data remains in-house and not used out-of-house.