Our Approach

We offer a calculated 4-step approach that offers a complete set up of your IT and security needs

1. Consultation

IT consulting, also referred to as technology consulting, relates to services aimed at helping clients on how they can utilise their information technology (IT) to optimally achieve their business goals. We offer a free consultation to assist you in determining what is needed to strengthen security measures and achieve Legislative and Regulatory IT compliance.

2. Plan & Proposal

After the initial consultation, we will draw up a proposal to achieve the goals agreed upon and outline a plan of action tailored to your specific needs.

3. Set Up

Once a consensus is reached, the necessary measures will be set up and implemented. These include setting up a Cyber Security Framework, providing the necessary policies and procedures to enable compliance with legal requirements and harden the IT infrastructure against compromise.

4. Compliance, Maintenance, Support & Training

The core of regulatory compliance standards revolves around knowing who, what, when and where for devices and users on your network and controlling access to the data your company needs to keep secure.
Remaining secure and compliant requires ongoing maintenance and constant monitoring of your environment to counter new threats and innovation.

Employee lack of awareness is currently the biggest threat to both Compliance and Security. Awareness Training is the key to ensuring that your staff are your first line of defense in security and compliance.

Did you know 90% of breaches are due to human error? It only takes one person in your business to click a link or open an attachment for a breach to occur. You can significantly reduce this risk by providing short engaging micro-lessons for staff to learn basic cybersecurity hygiene.

Your business revolves around your Data

We have a wide range of solutions to meet your IT needs!